The Rafinera Cloud Kitchen is our vision for next level food preparation, cooking and delivery. Our brands offer the best examples of the cuisines they represent and our system delivers real food at a very high service level.

Our business model, where innovation, experimentation, and pivoting potential are all built into its core, is ready to target very large volumes locally and globally, with quality control systems already in place for fast traction.


We already have 16+ years of dark kitchen experience with over 900+ recipes. Our central kitchen is our main strength. For each food we offer under our brands, 80% of all cooking is done at our central kitchen, and finished in under 10 minutes at our restaurants once ordered, as a rule. To achieve this, our extensive R&D started 18 months prior to our launch, which resulted in amazing tastes which our customers love.


Meet another of our game changers: GAZZLA! With our 16+ years of moto courier experience, 7 years of which is fully in house, we are working on a courier operation optimization tool for our satellites. This software tool will estimate “ready to delivery” time stamps for each order, and using live traffic data and following our preset delivery service level rules, combine packages on our courier and optimize their routes.


Our focus on taste, our attention to customer convenience, our optimum price positioning for each brand and our quality-focused approach combined with our business model, where innovation, experimentation, and pivoting potential are all built into its core, creates a unique food-tech concept.


We developed RCKHUB, also to be launched as a phone application in the future, to allow our customers to reach all of our brands in a single order. RCKHUB, currently published as a website, enables our customers to view our brands serving their location in on list, see their menus, combine items from all these menus in a single cart, and order at once. We already started to get to know our customers better and reach them in a much more efficient way thanks to the RCKHUB, a product of our data centric approach. Soon we will start implementing different promotions and reward the loyalty to our brands.

The Rafinera Cloud Kitchen operates with one central kitchen and many multiple brand satellite restaurants, optimized for last mile delivery. Our structure allows us to centrally control most parameters and lock in the quality we seek.